Entrepreneurs Dictionary | 03 Nov, 2023


Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and feeling overwhelmed by financial jargons?

Let us be your guide. Introducing the StrideOne Entrepreneurs Dictionary—a resource designed to demystify intricate financial concepts into clear, relatable language for aspiring business owners.

In this edition, we're unravelling 'EBITDA' - a metric often used to gauge operational profitability. EBITDA generally helps in appraising core performance, aiding startups in forging trust with future investors and collaborators. An impressive EBITDA can also pave the way for various financial avenues and leverage in pivotal negotiations, be it for acquisitions or funding rounds.

Different organisations might vary in how they weigh EBITDA, influenced by their operational intricacies and sector-specific standards. They might also align it with other pivotal performance indicators for a comprehensive insight into fiscal health. This is because EBITDA is a company's net income but excludes the impact of interest income or expense related to debt instruments, depreciation, amortization, and income taxes.

Stay tuned as we explore financial facets to empower your entrepreneurial ambitions!

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